10 Characteristics of a Christ Centered Girl

10 charicteristics of a CCG girl

10 characteristics of a Christ centered girl…

Christ. Centered. Girl. When you hear that what do you think about? What does a Christ Centered Girl mean to you? Right now I’m sitting here drinking my tea wondering the same thing. In order to be Christ Centered do I have to pray all the time? Volunteer at my church every Sunday? Raise my hands in worship? All these things are great but….if I do all of them, does that mean I’m Christ Centered? What does it mean to actually be Christ Centered? I asked myself this question over and over until I thought about the women in the Bible. The ones who served God faithfully through it all. Those women were Christ Centered. Mary Magdalene, Ruth, Mary Jesus’ mother, Esther. All these women had Jesus at the center of their lives following him with all their hearts. If you go through the Bible and read their stories you will see just how much they cared about Jesus and pleasing him. Doing what’s right. Not falling away from Him, afraid to lose him because he was so special. This is a Christ Centered Girl. These things and many more. I have discovered what it is like to be Christ Centered, so I’m going to share with you 10 characteristics of a Christ Centered Girl.

1. Love…

A Christ Centered Girl is loving. She cares about all living things and knows they are loved by God. She doesn’t judge other people for their sins and goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels special.

You know the girl that nobody likes? That girl is just as loved by Jesus as any other. Your job as a CCG girl is to go up to her and be friends! Ask her how she is doing and if she needs any prayer!:) You never know you may find that you actually like her! By giving love to other people and showing them love you can inspire others to do the same.

How to Love like a CCG girl: Don’t be selfish, pray that Jesus will show you the love He has for everyone and ask Him to help you love like Him. Remember that people are beautifully and wonderfully made.

2. Spending time with God…

This could mean reading your Bible, praying, worshiping him, or even just sitting on your bed talking to Him!:) I talk to God all the time. You can’t have a relationship with someone without talking to Him right? Well it’s the same with God. If you have trouble focusing on reading your Bible, praying etc. then you can go to the library or a quiet park to be able to focus a little better! Going outside to talk to God is amazing. I like to look around at all the beautiful things He has created, knowing that I am more beautiful to him than those things.☺

How to spend more time with God: When you wake up in the morning have the first thing you do be reading your Bible or at least praying. I know with having to get up early to go to school that can be hard, but if you even just get up a little earlier maybe 10 min. you will get that time with God you need. Talking to Him throughout the day as well will also help.

3. Forgiveness…

When somebody hurts you or someone you love do you forgive them right away? Or do you hold a grudge and get bitter? I personally don’t have a problem forgiving people. Yet when the people I love get hurt by someone it’s a lot harder for me to forgive them. I always have to stop and think about how Jesus forgives me every day for my sins. I hurt him and the people he loves constantly and he still would die for me all over again if it came to that.

How to forgive: When it is hard to forgive the people who hurt you think back on what Jesus did for you. He was being crucified on a cross when he yelled “Father forgive them for they no not what they do!” Even though He was in horrible pain He forgave us. So we as Christians are called to do the same.

4. Kindness…

Kindness is one of the most important traits for someone to have. When you are kind people see that and are impacted by it. If I am having a bad day and one of my friends or a kind woman comes up and gives me a big hug with a smile on her face I suddenly feel all my stress and anxiety of that day go away! Kindness is one of the most beautiful traits!

5. Fearless…

A CCG girl isn’t afraid to show her faith and stand up for what is right. If you see someone hurting go to them. Show them who they are and what they can have! I know it’s scary, But that’s the point right? Being a Christian isn’t easy but it’s SO worth that 20 seconds of fear.

6. Accepting…

A CCG girl doesn’t care where her friends have come from or what they have done. A CCG girl accepts everyone no matter what. We all make mistakes, That’s what everyone does, but the people who are going up to those outcasts and accepting them are the ones who are truly noticeable, the people everyone else is asking themselves “Who is that?”

7. Obedient…

Obedience. That is something I struggle with. Yet you have to be obedient to God in order to follow Him and make a difference. The girls (and guys) who choose to obey God always ask themselves “Why did I ever question you?” God knows best and that is that. No one else can write a better story then him. For he is the one who created all of them.

8. Persistent…

You have to persist if you want a relationship with God. In order to be “Christ Centered” You need to read your Bible on a daily basis and talk to Him all the time! These things take a lot of persistence but if you keep them up they won’t feel like work!

9. Genuine…

Don’t be someone you’re not. God made you just the way you are for a reason. There is not one person in this world that could ever be like you. You are unique! So don’t be afraid to show that! Just because other people are doing something that you don’t like…doesn’t mean you have participate in it to be “cool”

10. World Changing…

Last but not least a CCG girl is world changing. She doesn’t care what the world says or thinks she stands up for what is right! Yet she is kind and loving in the process and isn’t afraid to take that leap of faith if it means following God and helping other people. You can do ANYTHING when God gives you the strength. All you have to do is ask and trust. “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. Phil 4:13” If God is calling you to something or to help someone don’t be afraid to it. Be Genuine when talking to people and be persistent with them☺ Do not judge them for their sins but try and help them see the way.

These are just some of the things the Bible says a Christ Centered Girl is! If you think of anything else comment down below by clicking the leave a comment button! I hope you enjoyed this post and are there any of these character qualities you need to work on? ☺ If so ask the Holy Spirit to reveal them to you!

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  1. and feel free to share with your friends to remind them of what a real Christ Centered Girl looks like!


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