Secrets Of Royalty Review!


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I am so honored to have been picked to review the book “Secrets Of Royalty” By Livy Jarmusch! I got an email in my inbox one morning from Livy and her beautiful self asking me if I would be interested in reading the first few chapters of her new book! I responded with “OF COURSE I WOULD!” So I got all comfy and cozy in my white dotted blanket and opened that the PDF document! I must say after I was done reading it I was in for a bit of a shock…

Secrets of Royalty is a magical and magnificent book that shows its readers the true undying love that Christ shows us every day! A wonderful story this is and it kept me on toes while still giving a romantic twist that left butterfly’s in my stomach! Livy has done an amazing job describing the kind of love Jesus has for us and what we as Christians have to deal with in our sinful world. This story is truly magical and fairy tale like. I couldn’t stop reading, and LOVED how true the words where. I will definitely be buying this one! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I am not joking! A man, A PRINCE, shows the ULTIMATE love to a girl longing for a second chance at some freedom. I will not spoil the surprise for you:) you will have to go read it for yourself:) and you guys know that I wouldn’t recommend a book (or anything for that matter) that I didn’t approve of first. I can tell you right now that this book has my stamp of approval! It is almost time for it to come out and I will be waiting in that long online line on! (I already know what is going to happen once I get there, my computer will freeze right as I click the check out button and then it will crash…) That is how good this book is going to be! Your computer will die in front of you because it is fighting all the other computers!!!!!! So guys, go get it. I know you wont regret it:) You can check out for more info on the story:) I cant wait!

Love you all!


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