Interview With Lily Garay!


We are so glad we where able to interview Lily Garay! She is truly and amazing women for God and someone every girl should look up to! Find out what she has to say about being in the spotlight and some of her favorite tracks shes produced!
1. CCG: When did your passion for music start?
Lily: Well I started writing music around 4 years old so probably then! 🙂

2. CCG: What is your favorite song you have produced and why?
Lily: Currently… Comienzo! It’s on my recently released album “Golden Fire”. The song starts off as some questions to God and it’s as if He is replying. Then it goes on to just say to the Lord, “Take me. Mold me. Use me.” It’s a song that motivates me. I also produced most of it myself (a first for me), so that’s super exciting!

3. CCG: Being in the spotlight is it hard to lose sight of why you are really there? If so how do you overcome that?
Lily: Yeah of course it is! It’s so easy to think, “Oh I’ve done so many awesome things. Go me.” But 1. I remember what’s the point of preaching Jesus if I don’t have a relationship with Him? So that’s pretty humbling.  2. “Opportunities look a lot like hard work.” – Ashton Kutcher  – It’s really easy to lose opportunities if you aren’t working hard.

4. CCG: What is your favorite verse and why is it your favorite? 
Lily: One of my favorite verses is Psalms 94:18 (ESV), “When I thought, ‘My foot slips,’ Your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up.” I don’t think it needs any explanation 🙂


5. CCG: If you could go back in time and give your teen self some advice, what would it be?
Lily: Be bold, be soulful, and be kind. Kindness and gentleness are qualities that I currently strive for and wish I had strived for more of when I was younger.

6. CCG: How did you know music is what God had called you to do? 
Lily: I know that this is something the Lord wants me to do because I seek Him, I seek His word, and I go for it. There’s a scripture that says, “by testing you will know what is correct…” and maybe I am taking that scripture a little out of context, but when you test different passions or hobbies and see if it’s something you like, then you’ll know better! Just do excellent, quality work no matter what you’re doing and do it unto the Lord and He will open the right doors!

You can check Lily out here!




Have a good day guys! And know that there ARE Christians in Hollywood trying to shine his light!



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