4 last minute gifts for the last 4 days of Christmas!

Christmas is only 4 days away everyone! This means you’re probably running through the mall looking for the perfect gift for a friend, your family, or a stranger! (Such as a secret Santa.)  And if you’re like me then no gift you find will be good enough! It has to be totally unique and amazing if you are going to give it! So I am going to share my secret Santa gift list. That’s right, this year I found 4 last minute gifts for the last 4 days of last minute Christmas shopping! Check them out!


  1. A necklace from 2pinkturtles https://www.etsy.com/shop/2pinkturtles

These are so cute! Check them out!

wisdom.jpg2.Wall art from PrintableWisdom! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PrintableWisdomborn an origanal.jpg3. A shirt from InspireHernow http://inspirehernow.com/key.jpg

  1. 4. A key chain from Origami Owl! https://www.origamiowl.com/produc

There you have it! My 4 last min. gifts! I hope you enjoyed it and found some of these useful! Remember that some of these gifts five back to charities! So you’re putting your money in good hands!

Dear Person In Pain, A Letter to You


Dear Heavy Hearts,

There is a popular song by Hillsong called “Even when it hurts.” It is one of my favorite worship songs because it perfectly describes somebody in pain. It seems like the world has a little too much of it lately. I look around at all the people and I wonder, what are they going through? And are they fighting it with God? Or are they fighting against him?

I have never been anything but completely honest and real with you guys in my articles. And that’s not going to stop anytime soon. Recently I had to make a really, really hard decision. This decision has changed my future and has brought me a lot of pain recently. And I know that there is much more to come. I know what I did was right, but that doesn’t mean it was any easier. My relationship with God is the most important thing to me, so I had a choice. I either had to choose him, or myself.

When I was in the middle of making that choice I remembered an article I wrote awhile back, it was called “Don’t Abandon God.” As I sat there on my living room coach thinking about what I was going to do, I realized by choosing myself and what I wanted, I was going to abandon him. And there was no way I was going to do that. So that was it.

I had to say goodbye to a number of people I really cared about. I had to give up the only thing I ever really wanted. I had to give up something I had prayed for for a number of years. At the moment I had given God everything. There was nothing else that mattered to me more ON THIS EARTH than what I had given up. I am afraid of what to do next, I am afraid of what the next step is now. I felt so strongly in my heart that I was on the road God had created for me. I knew (or thought I knew) what Gods plan was. I don’t know if he is testing me right now, you see I just don’t know. And I think that is what makes this whole situation harder.

All I know is that I now have to come face to face with this trial every week. I have to look it straight in the face and know that I can’t have it. I was going to run away from it. I was going to leave it in the dust as I made my way to a new place once again. But you see you can never run away from God or his plans. They will always catch up with you, I am tired of running I am tired of being afraid of life. Its time to be brave and stand by God. Because once you choose to become a Christian you are basically saying you are ready for war.

It hurts so much, and what really hard is I know I have the power to change that. I know that I could go back. It’s not too late. I could choose my flesh. I want to choose my flesh…but you see that will never make you happy. The only thing that will make me happy is God. So I will continue to give it all up for him. I will continue to bare the pain, I will be brave and I will always stand by him. Because he always stood by me, even when I was at my darkest.

I don’t know what Gods plan is, I am just a girl holding her daddy’s hand as we guilds me through the woods. I can’t tell you what God has planned for you either. No one can. We are not supposed to know. But I can promise you, choosing to follow God is better than following this world. And no matter how hard you try you can’t run away from your problems. So be brave, and stay and fight.

Hang in there,


When God wants you to grow, He makes you uncomfortable!

Guest Post From: Hope Gill at https://conquerthenorm.com/


Sometimes, God takes us through seasons that make us so uncomfortable and uneasy where there seems to be no peace or rest.  Why?  As humans, we are creatures of habit and enjoy comfort and desire an easy life. However, if everything were easy, we would see no need for a change nor desire it. If life were comfortable, we wouldn’t desire God’s goodness and more of Him!  Pain is often God’s protection; He allows us to become so uneasy in our hearts and spirit that we not only see the need for a change, but we surrender completely to Him and we desire a change.  God doesn’t force us to change; that wouldn’t be love or walking in faith.  However, when we see a need for change, He gives us His desire to surrender to change.

The Christian walk isn’t easy and the bible says that God doesn’t afflict His children willingly (Lamentations 3:33). However, just like in the story of Job, we can learn that God uses the most illogical and uncomfortable devices to change us because He knows that, in our desire for comfort we would never change or even desire to change.

God isn’t punishing you, He is preparing you.  Trust His plans not your pain!

I recently went through a major change in my life and God took me through such discomfort and pain!  I was committed to have faith and to be patient in waiting on the Lord and though I saw that there had to be a change I didn’t desire the change that the Lord knew I needed to surrender to.  Without that discomfort and lack of peace and joy that was inflicted, I wouldn’t have recognized the dangers and potential hurt that could yet still come!  Because I was determined and faithful to be in it for the long haul, God used that pain to protect me from a lifetime of hurt!  Jesus said in Matthew 5 if one of your members tempts you to sin, remove it and cast it from you!  No one desires to go through pain and to burn bridges; yet, God doesn’t leave us in that discomfort! No, because of our surrender, obedience, and courage to take that stand and to cast it off, though hard, He rewards with something brand new! If our eye tempts us to sin, He won’t leave us blind, but will give us new eyes in order to see circumstances from His perspective!

Do I have courage to do what God called me to do?

God called me to burn a bridge: a relationship that brought resulted in hurt, constant questioning, stress, and even emotional bankruptcy in my life.  However, without the Lord making me so uncomfortable in my heart from the relationship and things that I noticed, I
wouldn’t have desired and longed for a change. I knew that there had to be a change, but I didn’t desire what God was asking me to do. I was very unhappy, but I desired to remain faithful and committed and to not be guided by my emotions or feelings.  However, God created such a discomfort in me to desire that kind of change and to also grow more intimate in my relationship with Him that I knew there had to be a change.  He gave me strength and courage and I removed that member from my body and cast it off.  It was hard, but the revelation is that sometimes to hang on to something is so much more painful than to let go.  God is so faithful; He didn’t leave me blind and to question why I went through such pain.  He gave me new eyes to see from His perspective and to see that the pain and discomfort was and is preparation for me to receive His best!  He didn’t leave me to question the pain and His plan, but in my heart’s surrender and the courage to cast off that which harmed me, He allowed me to join Him in what He is doing and has for me!

To burn a bridge is never easy, but it is more courageous to end and sacrifice something that you love and desire in order to make room for the best that God has in store.  It is easy to get discouraged and to look at situations from man’s perspective, but in a relationship with God, He desires not only for us to change but also to join Him in seeing the purpose for the change.

One reason why people resist to change is because they focus on what they have to lose rather than on what they have to gain!

One final analogy is the process of pruning a tree.  A tree that has been pruned is hardly ever flattering and sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest.  It looks like a shrub and often looks unnecessary.  However, pruning is to cut back in order for the tree to grow bigger and to bear more fruit and shade.  God creates such discomfort in us so that we desire that change.  Though it is painful and seems to have no purpose, it is to grow us in order that we can bear more fruit!

“God prunes us when He is about to take us into a new season of growth and expansion.” – Christine Caine

The truth and God’s revelation never hurts more than the constant pressuring of unanswered questions and mistrust.  If God is taking you through a pruning season or one of total discomfort and pain and you see no purpose in it; set yourself apart and press into Jesus!  Lay it on the alter before Him and ask if you are to cast it off.  Surrender is never for our pain; it is to reveal more of who He is and what He can do.

There are two ways that you can allow pain to change you:

  1. It can make you overthink, focus on the past, and shut people out.
  2. It can make you stronger, wiser, more hopeful of the future, and be used to help others!

Why be a prisoner of your past and its pain, when God wants us to join Him in the revelation of His protection and its purpose to prepare us for His best!

There will be days of discouragement, loneliness, and glum; but in those moments when
the enemy wants you to focus on the pain and betrayal of love, God wants you to grow more intimately in love with Him!
Be encouraged!  If you could love the wrong one so much, how much more do you think God is using this time to prepare you to lavish your unrestrained love and affection for the right one?  You don’t think that God anticipates and isn’t excited to give that to you?  Find joy and excitement in knowing that God desires ever more for you what you want and need.  Trust in Him because He is the only One who saw you then, sees you know, and sees you both together later.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has known what God has prepared for those who love Him. – 1 Corinthians 2:9