Check out “Playing the Game”

By: Kylie Jacobs


Hey everyone! You all know that Human Trafficking is something I am committed  to preventing. You also know that I am an actress as well. So it would make sense that when I heard that Take18Entertainment was looking for auditions for their newest film “Playing the Game,” I leaped over to my computer and searched for my head shots. Here is a quick SYNPOSIS of the film:

Playing The Game tells the story of an insecure teenager, Sonja (Maya Babow) who stumbles upon an extravagant modeling agent, Olivia (Connie Jo Sechrist) that promises her fame and fortune. Slowly, Sonja becomes manipulated into performing sex acts for money and finds herself trapped in the underbelly of the San Francisco prostitution hub.

Once I had sent the Director my head shots and told him why I wanted to be in the film, he asked that I send him a video audition. So I did. I later got a call from him saying that I had gotten the part! We started filming a few days later. Here are some previews from the film.


There’s me hehe



It was such a great experience and the story was so raw and real. It showed what really happens to those girls who get tricked into prostitution. So the point of this article was that I want to share the film with you all! So check it out!

(WARNING) This is not a Christian film. It shows what REALLY HAPPENS to those girls. Ask a parent before watching

INSTAGRAM: @playingthegameshort

Even if you cant donate to help people who are victims to Human Trafficking you can still make a difference in a girls life by sharing this film. With one click of a button someone with the connections to help these girls could see this film, and be inspired to do something. All because you took 3 seconds to share it, or talk about it. So please…help the girls out there who are being prostituted under their will. You could CHANGE SOMEONES LIFE. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and bless you all! Stay safe and make sure you pray for the girls who are trapped!


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