Mexico Earthquake 101 + how Y-O-U can help! By Felicity Rose


On Thursday, Sept 7th just before midnight catastrophic struck Central Mexico as an 8.1 earthquake hit turning the city into dust and debris and trapping its civilians underneath fallen buildings. Just as clean up for this earthquake began another catastrophic earthquake hit Mexico City on September 19th at 1:14 p.m. with a magnitude of 7.1. Both earthquakes happened only twelve days apart. What’s terrifying and ironic is that the earthquake on the 19th was the anniversary of another devastating earthquake in 1985. As of today there are over 200 dead with many more people injured and still trapped underneath the fallen buildings.
So why is Mexico so prone to earthquakes? Mexico is in a region called the “subduction” zone. Subduction zones are parts of the earth where slabs of the crust slowly side against the each other similarly to how to the vertebrae in the spine would be rubbing against each other if there weren’t discs to keep space between them. Over a long period of time, stress builds up because of the friction caused by the plates rubbing against each other until it releases in the form of an earthquake. Going along with my anatomy analogy, let’s say you’re a hardcore athlete. Over time the ligaments in your knee, for example, will slowly fray due to the stress of whatever sport you play. Eventually, the pressure and stress in your ligament releases in the form of a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). That’s how earthquakes happen. All the pent-up energy from the plates rubbing against each other explode, so to speak, causing an earthquake.

Now you’re all probably wondering what you can do to help Mexico. There are many organizations you can donate to such as Red Cross Mexico (, Save the Children Mexico (, Global Giving (, and International Community Foundation ( You can also register to be an organ donor at Organ Donor Registry ( or donate blood at your local red cross chapter.
If you’re part of a ministry program at your church you might try talking to the person in charge about getting a group of people together and going to Mexico to help. It’s never too late to make a difference.

Author Bio:
Felicity Rose is a 20 year-old blogger, stage actress, and model. She is currently a junior at Fresno Pacific University majoring in psychology with a minor in theatre. You can contact her via email at or on Instagram @missfelicityrose/ballerinaboss_).

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