5 (last minute) Valentine Date Ideas


Written by: Cheyenne Baccary

Valentines day is right around the corner! And sometimes it can be tricky figuring out the perfect date idea for you and your boo. Here are 5 cheap, simple date ideas that are loads of fun!

1. Cook a romantic dinner at home. Everyone loves a home cooked meal!

2. If cooking isn’t your thing. Order a heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s. Get 25% off when you order online with the code 25DISC.


3. Pureflix and chill. The chill stands for a make your own sundae bar.

4. Go to the local animal shelter and play with the animals. (Share your experience on Social Media to help them animal get adopted.)

5. Grab a tablecloth and candles, download some fancy dinner music on your phone and go to a fast food restaurant. A fun way to enjoy a fancy dinner for two without breaking the bank.


There you have it 5 easy affordable date ideas just for valentines day! Do you have a special someone you will be taking out this year? Let us know which date idea was your favorite in the comments!

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