Interview with Kenya Gossett on Modeling, Missions, and Ministy


Kenya Gossett is a fashion model, speaker, and founder of! She is 24 years old and is currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, after spending the majority of my life traveling on the mission field.
“There’s so much that I could say about myself, but honestly, I am just an imperfect young woman who loves Jesus Christ and has a passion for this generation.
My greatest desire is to know the heart of God, towards His people and His Kingdom.
With every step that is taken in my life, I want to be uncompromisingly and consistently righteous. I only want the working of God’s hands. I want to see the branches of His planting and I want to see His Kingdom grow, by watching the smallest one become a thousand and the least one, a mighty nation, all for the name of Jesus.
Everything I do is for His glory. I am nothing without Christ and I stand here today, as a product of God’s perfect grace and love.
The beat of my heart is to now give that same love to those without hope and lead them to The One who never fails or forsakes. The One who heals every wound and scar. The One who has washed away every transgression and has broken every chain.
Jesus Christ. Our forever. My everything!”


1. What made you want to get into the entertainment industry?
It was definitely not out of a selfish or vain ambition. Of course, I enjoy fashion, modeling and all that comes with it, but for me, it’s been a lot deeper than that. My heart is for the people; specifically for this generation. So when the door started to open for me to step into the fashion world, certain people of prominence were highlighted. The vision was SO detailed and that’s when I knew, it wasn’t about me. I’m not pursuing this just to be another pretty face. God is wanting to save souls. He is calling me and every believer, to venture into places that most would condemn. People fail to realize that there are sons & daughters out there that have yet to discover their DNA and the royalty that runs through it. God loves them and wants to turn this industry upside down. I plan on doing just that!
2. What are the ups and downs of working in the industry? As a writer, and a model.
I am still in the early stages of my career, so I can’t really say that I have experienced the downside of the fashion industry. But I’m sure that when and if that time comes, I will be given great wisdom and grace on how to navigate through it. Right now, I am just enjoying the connections, opportunities and the joy that comes with going on wild adventures with God. His plans are so good!

kenya 2

3. Is it hard to glorify God, and work as a model? Do you ever feel pressured to be sexual or give up your values?
NOPE. Not at all. I feel fortunate that in every business opportunity: the photographers and stylists that I work with, already know who I am in Christ and the standards I carry walking into it. Jesus is my very breath. I fear Him and want to honor Him with my body, actions, and words. If that is not wanted, then I will gladly walk out the door, knowing that something better will come along. It’s not worth losing myself and risking everything I’ve grown in. I have many that follow my ministry and my career, who are depending on me to be a woman of God. That is not going to change.
4. What advice would you give to girls who are wanting to work as a model? How do you get started?
I know this might sound cliche but… BE YOURSELF. Seriously. This industry has enough Kardashians and Hadid’s, and I mean that in the most respectful way! Be unique. Bring something pure and fresh to the table. You are beautiful just the way you are. Every color, every shape, and every flaw is unique and welcomed! There’s no one like you and that’s your power. It will take you places, trust me! Know that you are capable. You can do this. If God is in it, you will not fail. Take time to invest in yourself. Pray a lot. Research what’s in as far as fashion (Vogue is always my go-to).
Connect yourself with local photographers who know how to capture commercial and editorial fashion. From there, a whole new world of opportunities will be presented to you! and don’t be discouraged by small beginnings.

5. You started a website called “Becoming Esther” what does it look like to walk like Esther to you? A Queen.
Yes! Becoming Esther was started 6 years ago, after a personal heartbreak. It has evolved into a movement, of women coming together with a spirit of courage, a calling to change and to give a voice to the voiceless. When we look at the qualities of Esther in the Bible, we see someone who wasn’t afraid to die for what she believed in. She was strong but soft. She broke the rules of that time. She was obedient to God. She prepared herself for the tasks ahead. She wasn’t just called to be a wife, but a QUEEN. Someone who would complement the strengths of her husband. God used this orphan, Hebrew girl, who would have never been deemed qualified, to save an entire nation. Esther shook Kingdoms and that’s what I want to see in women today. We all wear a crown. We all have the gift and capacity to save, redeem, and turn around the death decree this world has spoken over our generation. We carry the keys to deliverance and change. It’s just up to us to say ‘YES” to the call. For Such A Time As This.

6. One thing I love about you and your social media is everything is beautiful but not sexy or fake. How would you encourage other girls to stay beautiful inside and out in a world that tells us to be hard and dominate all the time? To sexualize ourselves for attention.
Thank you so much! That’s important to me. When it comes to beauty, I love how the Bible instructs that it shouldn’t just be the outward appearance that we allow to define us, but that it’s the inner beauty and unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit that is precious in the sight of God. God has never stated that makeup, jewelry, fashion or presenting our temple well is a sin. It doesn’t make you less holy. The Word just encourages us clearly to never rely on those things to feel confident, pretty or worthy.
Our beauty is a powerful representation of God’s glory and we CAN use it to honor Him. So, my sweet girls, you are free to be who God has created you to be! Don’t ever fall under the pressure to conform. Stay strong, stay sweet, stay holy and pure. There’s no shame in that!
Xx, Kenya Gossett

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