Three of our Favorite Modest Fashion Bloggers

Fashion in my opinion is a way to express yourself. It’s not all about vanity or getting attention from cute guys. It’s about showing people what you like and who you are! A woman’s clothing choices really say a lot about who she is! That’s why dressing modestly is so important.

If you dress like (Cough*) a slut then that’s who you are telling people you are. Now, I’m not saying it’s all about what people think or how they see you, but do you really want to be labeled as that? In today’s world the media tells girls that they need to dress a certain way to be “valued” and that is WRONG. The fashion choices some girls make today blows my mind! I understand that it is just the culture we are in, but that doesn’t make it right.

When I started to get really into fashion and beauty, (about freshmen year) I struggled to find clothes that didn’t show too much skin. And when I did find modest clothes, they either weren’t my style or just flat out made me look like I was a 9 year old girl. Why should I have to compromise my sense of style? Why can’t there be clothes that are modest and cute!? I would ask myself these things almost every day. Until… I found a few modest bloggers/Youtuber’s/awesome women of faith on the internet. So without further ado let me introduce you to these fine women.



This woman’s closet must look like a shopping mall because she’s got SO MANY CUTE OUTFITS! I mean I just can’t look away.


This Texas babe is such a cutie! She also does some pretty amazing hairstyles you should check out to!

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This beauty wrote for us one time! She is so kind and has a great modest spirit! Check her out!set-apart

And there you have it! A few of the best modest fashion bloggers out there! (In my opinion) Make sure to check them out and share with your friends! Have a blessed day everyone!


Ten Fall Footwear Looks You’ll Love!


When it comes to fall there is so many things to love!!! From cozy sweaters and hot cocoa to the way the leaves seem to celebrate with bright joyous colors before they bid us a farewell for the winter. But by far one of my favorite things about fall is all the fabulous footwear! I’m kind of what you may call a shoe enthusiast…Okay, I’m totally obsessed! The sales people and I are on a first name basis. Not even joking. So, I thought it only be fitting that my first article here at Christ Centered Girls be about footwear! Here are ten fall footwear looks you’ll love and where you can get them!



This is the Irina Flat from Moorea Seal. These totally cute flats come in three colors, black, taupe and camel. This look is great for the fall because it’s cute and edgy and can be used to dress up a simple outfit without being overly dressy. It is made with vegan suede and considered to run 1/2 size small. So, if you are in between sizes, it’s best to go with the larger!


Next we have a pair of basket-weave booties from Charlotte Russe. These faux suede boots come in the colors wine and black. They are sophisticated and chic and will add a pop of fabulous to any outfit!




Here we have another faux suede bootie this time from Rue 21. This bootie comes in the colors black, taupe, and gray. It has a fold over cuff with cute little detailed laces.


These are women’s Deejay lace-up boots from Payless! I do believe the combat boot is a style that should be in every girl’s fall wardrobe. It adds the perfect amount of edginess and its oh so cute! What I particularly love about this style though is all the different colors it comes in! This boot comes in black, brown, cognac, taupe and oxblood. The boot in the photograph is in the color oxblood, although I’m not crazy about the name I do think the color is to die for!


This boot is the Easy Street Burkes Women’s Tall Riding boots from Kohls. This boot is the most expensive one of the bunch at $89.99. It comes in colors black, mushroom and brown. They have a leaf design around the top-perfect for autumn! These boots are an online exclusive.


This next pair is another faux suede look from Charlotte Russe. This look is one that is very near and dear to my heart. I own this bootie and absolutely adore them! I wear them practically every. They are the three c’s of booties…cute, comfy and chic! They only come in the color black but I’ve realized that they go with almost everything.{device}


These shoes I have been seeing everywhere! These are Women’s Originals Superstar Shoes from Adidas. They come in black on white, white on white, and white on black. These are the perfect shoe for a girl on the go! They are classic, stylish and comfy! This shoe can be worn with almost any style and still look amazing!


A girl has got to have her pearls! But they never said anything about having to wear them around your neck! This is the Black Faux Leather Side Zipper Pearl Heel Ankle Boot from Romwe! This look is stylish, sophisticated and oh so chic! Romwe is an international business so shipping takes quite a long time but customers are usually satisfied once it comes in.


Next we have the Keds X Kate Spade New York Champion Glitter shoe! If you love, love, love glitter then these are the shoes for you! They are cute and comfy and the only problem is choosing what fabulous color to buy! It comes in blue glitter, rose gold glitter, black glitter, blush pink matte glitter, carousel pink glitter, multi navy glitter, light blue matte glitter, silver glitter, multi pink glitter, cream glitter, gold glitter and pewter.


Finally, we have the Milton bootie from Gordmans. This bootie is made with faux leather and suede with multiple straps and metal details. This bootie is an embodiment of the term boho chic! It is gorgeous and great for fall looks!

I hope you enjoyed this article on falls latest shoe trends! Have a good day guys!


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