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Kylie recently asked me to do a guest post for Christ Centered Girls and at first, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to write about. Until just now, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to write about. But I believe now I have found the words and I really hope that whoever you are,  you can find some encouragement through this short article. Thanks for coming on this journey with me!


First, let’s start with a little introduction and backstory. I’ll try not to give you my whole life in detail, but I can’t make any promises 😉
I am the second child out of seven and I am 19 years old. My Mom home schooled me and my siblings our whole lives and I moved around a lot as a kid because my Dad was in the military. I was born in Utah, but I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Ohio, Alaska, Idaho, and currently Indiana. So I’m kind of from all over but I consider my “home” Idaho because I’ve lived there for the majority of my life and I have nearly all my friends there, including my boyfriend.

I have been a writer since I learned how to write and I have made up tons of stories and tried to get them down on paper. In addition to that I also write a quarterly magazine called Every Girl’s Adventure, and I run two blogs: a personal one called Girl on Fire (Hunger Games reference), and one for my magazine of the same name. I also do some magazine work here for Kylie, as well as writing for The King’s Princess and Crown of Beauty. So, I keep pretty busy with writing. I am also going to college at Boise State University for a BA in Communications for Journalism. This fall will be my freshman year though…

In the free time that I can find, I love to read any book I can get my hands on and I also love to play the piano and have been playing for five years now.

That’s pretty much a short little summary about me. There’s a lot of potential topics that I could talk about, but I’ve decided to just talk about what’s been going on in my life recently because it’s such a roller coaster. So get ready, this could be long 😉

I’ll cut straight to the chase. My parents got divorced the last few months of 2016. And it’s kind of strange to me because I always looked at divorce as something that happened to “other” families, but not something that could ever happen to mine. I thought that my parents were rooted in God so much that nothing like that would ever happen; I thought that He would hold us together and fix whatever problems my parents had. But He didn’t. This brought a whole bunch of changes in my life and the lives of my family. We (my siblings and I) had to move with our mom from our home in Idaho out here to Indiana. I had to leave behind all my friends and everything I cared about. And I knew that when we got here that my family was going to fall apart.

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Those first few days when mom told me about the divorce and what was going to happen, I couldn’t stop crying. I wouldn’t have many left. Everything that I thought was a concrete thing in my life had just turned out to be just another future that wouldn’t happen. Every good plan that Mom and Dad had for us was suddenly gone. And I never knew that a person could miss something that had never happened. But you can. My life was so uncertain, and that scared me. I like being in control; I like being able to solve the problems and fix everything. But here was something that was impossible for me to fix.

Now, I want you to understand something: this is actually my first time ever writing about this. I am a little nervous, to be honest. I haven’t really discussed this with anyone outside my best friend and my boyfriend, so to be writing this down for a lot of people who I don’t know to read is a little scary. But I have been learning about courage this year, so why not write something that scares me ☺

I’m also not writing this for you to feel bad for me or to wallow in my own self-pity. This has a point, I promise ☺

I find it so interesting how it’s the times when we feel at our lowest, when we can’t imagine how things could ever go back to the way they were, that our eyes are opened to see how truly faithful the God we serve is. God is amazing! There has never been a time in my life when I have felt so broken, when I feel the loss of people I love so much that it actually hurts, when my future is uncertain and I’m not sure where to go. But there has also never been a time when I have seen Christ so clearly and have felt Him any stronger than I feel Him with me now.

I felt like everything was falling apart, but I can see now that the whole time He had a hold of me.


I never believed I was smart enough for college. But I passed the ACT test with a fairly high score and I got accepted to Boise State. I want to move back to Mountain Home (where I’m from) but I was so discouraged about the money. The day after I prayed and asked God to provide me a job, I got called for an interview and hired the next day. The day I gave up on looking for a relationship, He brought the best man I have ever met into my life who loves God more than anything. And none of that could’ve ever happened if it weren’t for God. There’s no way all of those pieces could have fallen into place on their own because of anything I did.  God has shown me time and time again within these past few months that He always has the best plan for me. That what I want might not always happen, but He always has something better.

I’m not through this trial yet. My family is still really struggling and I haven’t had any contact with my Dad since December 23rd. I don’t have my future steps planned out, nor do I have everything under control. But I have learned that when everything seems to be falling apart, I am not. When my family is breaking, I am not broken. When I’m not strong enough to handle all the stress and emotions, God is strong enough. And when I can’t see what the future has for me, God already has it planned out. And I have to trust Him. He has never given up on me or failed me yet, why would He now?

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The entirety of this little article can be summed up in this: when you are going through too much to handle, when you feel like you are broken beyond repair, when you stare at the things that could have been as they slip through your fingers, and when you are bowing under the weight of fear, don’t let it win. You have no idea how strong you can really be or how great your faith is until you’re really tested. Pick yourself up, dare to look fear in the eyes, fix your crown, and remember Whose you are. If He sees every sparrow that falls, you can bet everything you have that He sees you. And I promise you, He will never desert you.

Find your faith, seize your courage, and call on your Father. It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth the journey.

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You can find Bethany’s blog/magazine over at:

Interview with Livy Jarmusch from Crown of Beauty Magazine!

Livy has a great site over at has been a good friend of ours for sometime! So we asked her to share a bit about herself for you guys! Check out what she had to say!


  1. Many times when people grow up in the Christian faith, there isn’t really a defining “salvation” moment. At least not in the usual sense. When would you say that you began to fully understand what being a follower of Christ meant and when would you say you started consciously living for Christ?


Wow, that’s a really great question! I think it’s amazing because in our walk with God, there are so many levels. Just when we think we finally understand what it truly means to be a follower of Christ, He takes us even deeper and reveals so much more than we could’ve dreamed! I started seeking God when I was in preschool. I know it might sound silly to some, but I remember peering over my picture Bible and not yet being able to read, but still being amazed by the images I saw and wondering who this amazing Jesus was. All through elementary and middle school I really made a conscience effort to pursue God, and having a daily quiet time was really important to me. Even though I was a Christian as a child, it wasn’t until High School when I started facing some really challenging stuff, and learned on a whole new level what it truly meant for Jesus to be my everything. I think that’s what is so amazing about God: He reveals Himself to us in the most simple yet profound ways as young children, and then He reveals Himself again in High School with deeper concepts through mind-blowing faithfulness, and then again in adulthood, and then again through the adventure of marriage, and then again through becoming parents…and on and on it goes! The deepening of our walk with Him just never ends!

2.You write songs, articles, and books. When did you realize this passion for writing and when you were younger, did you ever imagine that you would have accomplished all the things you’ve done?

I knew that in Kindergarten I wanted to be a writer. I loved stories and books and storytelling, and writing was always a creative outlet for me. Even though I hated the technical side of things (spelling and grammar, blech!) the dream to write followed me all the way into adulthood. To be completely honest with you, the answer is yes. I don’t want to sound at all prideful, and I mean this with all humility when I say that I’ve always had really high expectations for myself. Because of my identity in Christ, I never expected to live an “average” life. There’s an intense passion to change the world that burns through me like a fire, and I don’t really know how to hold back or contain it! Song-writing, article writing, and book writing, are all outlets that God has led me to. I love that I can express my passion and love for Him through fun, creative, unique ways!


  1. You started Crown of Beauty four years ago, correct? To date, what has been the worst things about publishing Crown of Beauty? The best? And if you could start all over again from the beginning, what would you do differently?


Yes! Hmm…the worst thing, I would say, is my attitude when I first started. Like I said, I had really high expectations for myself, and when I launched out of the starting gate with the dream to release this magazine, I thought it would become an overnight sensation and everyone would love it, and it would be in print in no-time! Because I’m such a huge dreamer, I tend to place God on a time-table and think that everything should be done super quickly! But God had different plans for this magazine! I remember not being able to sleep the first week that I launched the magazine, because I was so excited and expected my life to somehow change instantly. To my dismay, things were not growing as fast as I wanted them to. I think I gave myself a lot of extra heartbreak and discouragement because of my wrong attitude. Instead of celebrating each new follower, and each life changed, and each little victory, I was focused on a bigger picture that would take years to reach. The truth was, God was doing AMAZING things, and when I look back, there were so many little (and big!) miracles that took place those first few months, and I wish that I would’ve been able to rejoice and celebrate that!

The best thing that has come out of this process, I have to say, is all of the amazing friendships I’ve formed. Sure, the interviews are fun, and the excitement of launching a new issue is always fulfilling, but I’ve met some of the most amazing, God-fearing, Jesus-loving-girls through Crown of Beauty! It’s such a blessing to join with my sisters in Christ from all over the world and encourage each other in the Lord!

If I could go back and give myself advice, I would say, “An inheritance that is gained quickly in the beginning is not blessed in the end.” Proverbs 20:21. Embrace the process! You are building, and planting, and God is doing a great work through each little baby-step. Relax and enjoy the moment, praise Him for each moment of favor and victory, and enjoy the journey!”

  1. Who (besides your parents and God) would you say has influenced you the most and keeps inspiring and encouraging you?

I’ve been blessed to have many cheerleaders and prayer warriors in my life, but I have to say that my dear friend Kenya never fails to be a massive encouragement on my hardest days. She has a heart of gold, and as we walk down similar paths in life, she always has much wisdom to share. (Check out her ministry!)It would take me far too long to list all the amazing women who encourage me and speak into my life, but they knew who they are! ❤

As far as larger influences, such as ministry leaders, musicians, or authors, I was highly influenced by Barlow Girl and Superchick when I was young! Their albums pretty much shaped the way I thought about life when I was thirteen! Haha.
Lisa Bevere has always been an amazing example of a Godly woman walking in her royal identity in Christ, and her books have taught me so much. Katie Davis and Heidi Baker are also examples that have greatly influenced me. Their stories of humility and willingness to lay down everything to serve the Lord are just so challenging and inspire me to go deeper in my walk with Christ!  


  1. Do you have a favorite miracle that Jesus did? And why?

Oooo, awesome question! It’s honestly really hard to choose a favorite! But when He raised Lazarus from the dead, that is a definite favorite. I think the reason I love that particular story so much, is because Jesus was already close friends with Lazarus and his family, and even though He had a plan of miraculous turn-around, He still wept. It just gives us such a beautiful glimpse into the compassion of His heart, that when Mary and Martha were crying, He was crying too. That’s how much He loves us. Even though He knows that it’s all good, and He has a plan, and it’s not the end; He still allows Himself to be moved by our pain and feel what we feel, and cry with us. And that is just beyond amazing to me.

6. What is the best advice you have ever been given? And what advice would you want to leave with our readers?

Hmm…the best advice. I don’t know if anyone has strait up told me this, or if this is just what I’ve seen in the examples of those that I admire around me. But the bottom line, best advice ever, is this: seek Jesus with all your heart! Because knowing Him is everything! Knowing His heart transforms us, and shifts our perspective, changing everything about who we are and what we desire and how we process life. Jesus is the answer to every problem, so it only makes sense that this would be the advice! Haha. But no, this is what I would encourage the girls reading this in: seek God. Like seriously, seek Him. Run after Him with every part of your heart, soul, mind and strength. Spend time with Him everyday, and don’t skip the practical side of maintaining that relationship: reading His Word, praying, worshiping. Keep on keeping on, even when you feel totally dry and uninspired. God is always there, and when we seek Him, even when we don’t feel like it, there is a great reward. His Word is alive and active, so don’t buy the lie that reading His Word is ever a waste of time! Being in His presence is the best possible thing you could ever do for yourself, as well as for the people around you! You can’t love them without first being filled up by Him, so don’t neglect your time with Him!


7. If you had a time machine and could travel to any event, what event would you travel to and why? The rules are that you can’t go to any event in Jesus’s lifetime (because those are obvious 🙂 and you can’t change any of the historical events.
I think I would want to go to 1774 and just walk around Boston, and hear everyone’s opinions about the underground rumblings of the American Revolution. I’d want to be a reporter and get everyone’s perspective on the British, and hear their ideas about freedom, and then go to a ball. Haha!

Thank you Livy for joining us on Christ Centered Girls today! We loved all the great Godly advice you gave and encouraging things you had to say! You can find more Great advice and fun things over at

Review on Hollyn’s new Album 2017


At only 20 years old Hollyn has made quite the name for herself in Christian

pop music! Her first EP record released in October 2015 titled Hollyn. She was

featured on two of TobyMac’s songs on his latest record This is Not a Test. Her

debut album One Way Conversations released on February 10, 2017. Her clear,

powerful vocals are totally showcased on this high energy, pop record that is so

much fun to listen to! If you’re in the mood for a dance party, this is the record for

you! My personal favorite from the record is actually the first single Hollyn had

released from this record, Love with Your Life. Filled with fun, upbeat rhythms

and powerful lyrics, this song is an encouragement to love unconditionally no

matter what. All My Love is another favorite of mine because of the great sound

and the way it totally showcases Hollyn’s amazing voice for such a young age! In

Awe brings things down a notch with a beautiful, simple melody, proclaiming the

holiness of God, how unworthy we are, and yet how much God loves us still. It’s

such a great song! Then of course there’s Party in the Hills, if you’re still up for

that dance party. 😉 The album ends with a high energy remix version of Love

with Your Life, which is totally great! Overall I really liked this whole album and

thought Hollyn did a great job with her first full-length record! You should totally

go check it out for yourself.

The War thats Been Going On

By: Kylie Jacobs
All this rain in California is so depressing ugh! But honestly it makes me think about where Im at right now. You know people look at me and say “Oh Kylie! You are doing so good! You love the Lord and shine his light everyday!” And every time I hear this I want to cry. Because right now I dont feel that way. I was afraid to say this until now because I dont want to admit that I am weak, or that I stumble. I want to tell people that I never doubt God or I never crave my flesh’s desires. But I do. And these past couple months I have struggled with wanting to drift away from God and towards the world. Having family members be addicted to drugs, sex, and alcohol has made it VERY hard for me to fight these temptations. I look at my life and I see the path I have chosen for myself. The path to follow God. But the enemy got into my head recently, and he told me I am not living my life! I need to go out and drink and party! You know have some fun! God will forgive me he says. All I have to do is just take one sip of alcohol, or just go home with that guy once. Its no big deal. And honestly I started to believe the enemy’s lies. My whole life I told myself I wasn’t going to turn out like my biological family. That I would NEVER do the things that they did. NOT EVEN ONCE. But its so hard to stay on that path.
I admit I was struggling with saying no to the offers I was getting for alcohol, drugs, and sex. I just wanted to see what the big deal was. Why were people so into it? I watched my mother try to kill herself because she felt trapped and alone under these things. But what I noticed was that people loved these things more than God. And then again, another lie crept into my head. The enemy telling me “Because they are better than God.”
So for months there has been this war going on inside of me between God and the enemy. Going back and forth telling myself to JUST DO IT but then stepping away and saying “No, this is wrong.” I have pushed people away, I have shut myself out of there lives, and I have put my family through hell. But the worst part about this all was that nobody knew. Nobody knew why I was shutting them out, or why I was suddenly fighting with everyone. And nobody knew all the things I secretly struggle with. Why? Because I was/am to afraid to tell them. I am to afraid of being rejected or abandoned. I am to afraid to admit that I struggle. I tried to be the strong Christians I look up to. I tried to be the person God wants me to be. But Im not. Im not this great amazing person. I am a sinner just like you.
Today as I sat in my car after I got back from the grocery store, I started to cry. People were probably looking at me thinking I was crazy! But all I could think about right then was all the things I have done to displease God, and how he loves and forgives me anyway. I may not have ended up participating in those acts (Thank God!) But I still abandoned God by believing the enemy’s lies and honestly, the only thing that was keeping me from falling under my temptations was my fear of becoming addicted. It wasn’t God, it was fear. I didn’t come to God and say help me. I just pushed him away like I did to everybody else. And thats why I was so upset. Because even though I was creeping towards the other side God kept pouring his love down on me and showing me grace and mercy. I had betrayed him and in return he said “I love you.”
Why did he choose to have a dirty sinner like me as a daughter? Why did he save me? I have no idea. I dont know what he sees in me but I know that there must be something there otherwise I wouldn’t still be here. If you feel alone, or you are believing the enemy’s lies, know that you can always turn to God, no matter what. He is always there for you. Do I still struggle with temptation? Of course I do. But I am able to fight it because I chose to stop fighting in my own strength, and start fighting in Gods.
Let me tell you from personal experience that there is NOTHING better than God. Drugs, sex, alcohol, none of that can fulfill you. I knew that, but I opened the door to my heart for the enemy to step right in and make himself at home. But my heart doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to God. Let God take your heart back. Dont let the enemy win. If you guys need prayer let me know, if you need someone to talk to let me know, if you just need someone to listen to let me know. Because I love you no matter what you have done. Just like God does. I dont judge or hate. I hope you are having a great night! Sorry it has been so long since I wrote anything. But dont worry I am back. The war is over;)

Update on Christ Centered Girls!

Hello ladies! We here at Christ Centered Girls Magazine have some great news to share with you! Some things have changed around here, as you might have noticed, so lets talk about those things!

Drum roll please…


Now this does not mean we will stop posting encouraging articles or anything like that! Dont freak out…;p but we will be posting more about your favorite Christian stars, upcoming news, and so much more! We hope that you all will join us on this journey as we transition into this!:) Tell us what you think in the comments below! Do you like this new change?

Check out “Playing the Game”

By: Kylie Jacobs


Hey everyone! You all know that Human Trafficking is something I am committed  to preventing. You also know that I am an actress as well. So it would make sense that when I heard that Take18Entertainment was looking for auditions for their newest film “Playing the Game,” I leaped over to my computer and searched for my head shots. Here is a quick SYNPOSIS of the film:

Playing The Game tells the story of an insecure teenager, Sonja (Maya Babow) who stumbles upon an extravagant modeling agent, Olivia (Connie Jo Sechrist) that promises her fame and fortune. Slowly, Sonja becomes manipulated into performing sex acts for money and finds herself trapped in the underbelly of the San Francisco prostitution hub.

Once I had sent the Director my head shots and told him why I wanted to be in the film, he asked that I send him a video audition. So I did. I later got a call from him saying that I had gotten the part! We started filming a few days later. Here are some previews from the film.


There’s me hehe



It was such a great experience and the story was so raw and real. It showed what really happens to those girls who get tricked into prostitution. So the point of this article was that I want to share the film with you all! So check it out!

(WARNING) This is not a Christian film. It shows what REALLY HAPPENS to those girls. Ask a parent before watching

INSTAGRAM: @playingthegameshort

Even if you cant donate to help people who are victims to Human Trafficking you can still make a difference in a girls life by sharing this film. With one click of a button someone with the connections to help these girls could see this film, and be inspired to do something. All because you took 3 seconds to share it, or talk about it. So please…help the girls out there who are being prostituted under their will. You could CHANGE SOMEONES LIFE. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and bless you all! Stay safe and make sure you pray for the girls who are trapped!


Till the Day I Die (Where have I Been)

This is my first time writing anything in quiet some time. My absence has given me a lot of time to think. I look at all of you, Christ Centered Girls followers and now my friends. I see all your comments and likes. I see the position God has put me in, the gift he has given me. I have to be honest with you though, it isn’t easy. I went into this with a blind fold over my face and God telling me to jump into a new world I had never been in before. I have not gone to school for this, I have dyslexia and many other problems that prevent me from being able to write “well.” So as you can imagine the struggle has been REAL. With every magazine issue that came out all I could see were the mistakes. All I could see was FAIL.

This began to take a toll on myself and my relationship with my friends and family. I was ashamed of what God had given me and soon, I was ready to give up. I wanted to be selfish and have a life, I wanted to be 17 and not have to work so hard at this.

But then I looked at all of you. Every girl that messaged me and said how much I had helped them. Every tear that was shed while reading my articles. I saw all of it. I cried out to God asking “WHY??” Why did he want this for me?? Why did he give me a following that didn’t just look to Christ Centered Girls but also looked to me?? Why was I inspiring girls all over the world!? Why couldn’t he pick someone else to have this job?? I wish there was a part in this story that said I finally ended up figuring out why. But sadly there has still been no happy ending here.

The enemy had gotten into my head and my life. He had manipulated me, he had taken myself from me. I was no longer Kylie, the girl that would have given her life for Jesus. I was Kylie, the girl who wanted to do her own thing and make her own path. I let God down, but I also let myself down. I am still struggling, I am still fighting, and I will fight till the day I die. I will not let the enemy win, I will not let him take advantage of me. I will not let him break me. Because I am STRONG and he has no power over a child of God! Not unless I give it to him.
God tested me, and I passed. There will be many more tests in the future, but I can tell you right now that I will never give up on you guys, no matter how much pain I have to go through to continue. I am here for you and always will be. I will fight for you till the day I die.

Love you all,

4 last minute gifts for the last 4 days of Christmas!

Christmas is only 4 days away everyone! This means you’re probably running through the mall looking for the perfect gift for a friend, your family, or a stranger! (Such as a secret Santa.)  And if you’re like me then no gift you find will be good enough! It has to be totally unique and amazing if you are going to give it! So I am going to share my secret Santa gift list. That’s right, this year I found 4 last minute gifts for the last 4 days of last minute Christmas shopping! Check them out!


  1. A necklace from 2pinkturtles

These are so cute! Check them out!

wisdom.jpg2.Wall art from PrintableWisdom! an origanal.jpg3. A shirt from InspireHernow

  1. 4. A key chain from Origami Owl!

There you have it! My 4 last min. gifts! I hope you enjoyed it and found some of these useful! Remember that some of these gifts five back to charities! So you’re putting your money in good hands!

Dear Person In Pain, A Letter to You


Dear Heavy Hearts,

There is a popular song by Hillsong called “Even when it hurts.” It is one of my favorite worship songs because it perfectly describes somebody in pain. It seems like the world has a little too much of it lately. I look around at all the people and I wonder, what are they going through? And are they fighting it with God? Or are they fighting against him?

I have never been anything but completely honest and real with you guys in my articles. And that’s not going to stop anytime soon. Recently I had to make a really, really hard decision. This decision has changed my future and has brought me a lot of pain recently. And I know that there is much more to come. I know what I did was right, but that doesn’t mean it was any easier. My relationship with God is the most important thing to me, so I had a choice. I either had to choose him, or myself.

When I was in the middle of making that choice I remembered an article I wrote awhile back, it was called “Don’t Abandon God.” As I sat there on my living room coach thinking about what I was going to do, I realized by choosing myself and what I wanted, I was going to abandon him. And there was no way I was going to do that. So that was it.

I had to say goodbye to a number of people I really cared about. I had to give up the only thing I ever really wanted. I had to give up something I had prayed for for a number of years. At the moment I had given God everything. There was nothing else that mattered to me more ON THIS EARTH than what I had given up. I am afraid of what to do next, I am afraid of what the next step is now. I felt so strongly in my heart that I was on the road God had created for me. I knew (or thought I knew) what Gods plan was. I don’t know if he is testing me right now, you see I just don’t know. And I think that is what makes this whole situation harder.

All I know is that I now have to come face to face with this trial every week. I have to look it straight in the face and know that I can’t have it. I was going to run away from it. I was going to leave it in the dust as I made my way to a new place once again. But you see you can never run away from God or his plans. They will always catch up with you, I am tired of running I am tired of being afraid of life. Its time to be brave and stand by God. Because once you choose to become a Christian you are basically saying you are ready for war.

It hurts so much, and what really hard is I know I have the power to change that. I know that I could go back. It’s not too late. I could choose my flesh. I want to choose my flesh…but you see that will never make you happy. The only thing that will make me happy is God. So I will continue to give it all up for him. I will continue to bare the pain, I will be brave and I will always stand by him. Because he always stood by me, even when I was at my darkest.

I don’t know what Gods plan is, I am just a girl holding her daddy’s hand as we guilds me through the woods. I can’t tell you what God has planned for you either. No one can. We are not supposed to know. But I can promise you, choosing to follow God is better than following this world. And no matter how hard you try you can’t run away from your problems. So be brave, and stay and fight.

Hang in there,